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Compounding FAQ

You Asked, We Answered

Do I need a prescription for compounds ?

Yes, most compounds need prescription from the doctor like any other medicine.

Are compounded drugs covered by insurance?

Yes, most private insurance companies cover does cover compounds depending upon your coverage. Alton Village Pharmacy does direct billing to all major insurance companies.

Are compounded prescriptions safe?

Absolutely yes, they are safe as any other prescription, however, there is a certain level of risk associated with any medication, and it’s always important to consult your physician and work with a compounding pharmacy.

Regular drugs are tested and approved by Health Canada but because compounds are made right in the pharmacy, they are not tested by Health Canada but all the ingredients used in preparation of the compound are tested and approved by Heath Canada

Do you deliver compounded prescriptions?

Yes, we do offer free delivery anywhere in Ontario through Canada Post.

My child is prescribe a medicine that does not come in liquid form, what can be done

At Alton Village Compounding Pharmacy we can compound the medicine in a liquid form. Some times commercial capsules/tablets are used to make liquid or sometimes liquids are made from powder.

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